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Apartments and flats in Staten Island

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Apartments for sale in Staten Island, New York, USA

Staten Island is a large coastal area located in New York. With a population of 495,747 and 125 constituent residential communities, this neighborhood is the fifth largest community in New York City. It is a popular place for expats and for foreigners.

This is a neighborhood of professionals, retail and office workers, as well as service providers. Especially many people living on Staten Island work in offices and administrative support (12.39%), work in sales (9.23%) and teach (9%).

One of the main advantages of the area is its location. Quick access to Manhattan is provided by the free Staten Island Ferry, a privilege you won't find in areas bordering the city. Plus, it's the greenest neighborhood with over 10,000 acres of parkland.

Apartment prices in Staten Island

When it comes to getting the maximum ROI from buying an apartment in Staten Island, it fully meets all expectations.  As of June 2021, the average sale price was USD 665,000, which is a bargain compared to the average asking price in Manhattan of USD 1,400,000. Real estate market offers a huge variety of apartments in Staten Island for investment and permanent residence.

The cost of apartments in Staten Island:

  • 1-bedroom apartment in the center– USD 1,800 – USD 2,000;
  • 2-bedroom apartment outside the center – USD 1,500 – USD 1,700;
  • 3-bedroom apartment in the center– USD 4,500 – USD 7,500;
  • 3-bedroom apartment outside the center – USD 2,433 – USD 3,600.

The cost of apartments in Staten Island is one of the highest in the city, and properties in New York in Staten Island is consistently among the most expensive in America. If you are not afraid to buy a flat in Staten Island, this area deserves attention. Buy an apartment in Staten Island a new building in New York, you can already visit the website New-York.Realestate.

Lifestyle in Staten Island

Staten Island is also marine, which means that some parts of it border the ocean or tidal bodies of water. Such areas are often places where visitors and locals go to do water sports or admire the scenery.

One of the disadvantages of living on Staten Island is that it can take a long time to get to work - an average of 40 minutes or more, which is slightly higher than the national average. On the other hand, local public transport is widely used in the area, so leaving the car at home and taking public transport is a viable alternative.

Staten Island has a highly developed public transport system. In this connection, many people refuse a personal car and completely switch to public transport. The advantages are the following: reduction of air pollution and load on the road network.

Investment apartments in Staten Island

Staten Island is home to a large number of young, single, educated and career-seeking people from 20 to 30 years old who have a bachelor's or master's degree and are starting a professional career. This makes Staten Island a great place for businessmen and investors to invest in business and real estate.  The average rental yield is 4.23% per annum.

If you are interested in selling apartments in New York, the specialists of the website New-York.Realestate will select the best housing option for investment and accommodation, in accordance with your requests.

Buy apartments in Staten Island

Apartments and houses in New York from developers and agencies, current prices in dollars and euros and a lot of useful information are waiting for you on the website New-York.Realestate. If you need to choose flats for sale in Staten Island for living and investment, please contact our specialists.