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Property in Brooklyn

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Property for sale in Brooklyn, New York, the USA

Brooklyn is an area famous for luxury property in New York. This borough is located on Long Island and has a length of more than 200 km. By area, the district can be called a whole city, where more than 2.7 million people live. The composition of the local population is international: in addition to Americans and African Americans, a fifth of the inhabitants are Hispanic residents, here you can also find Jewish and many other national communities. Housing in Brooklyn for foreigners is available for any budget.

Property prices in Brooklyn

New York is one of the most expensive metropolitan cities in the world, both in terms of lifestyle and housing costs. Apartments and houses for rent are in great demand because many cannot afford buying a home. The properties for sale have the following prices in Brooklyn:

  • One-bedroom apartments – USD 400,000-500,000 (CNY 2.5-3.1 million);
  • two-bedroom apartments – USD 700,000-800,000 (CNY 4.4-5.09 million).

Penthouses, apartments with five or more bedrooms have the highest price tags. In this category, prices start from several million US dollars. For such a price in Brooklyn, you can also buy a townhouse or a detached house. However, you need to keep in mind that the pricing policy is dynamic and depends on many factors, ranging from the economic situation in the world to the demand for housing. The trends of the past years show a steady increase in the value of real estate, which makes property investment a profitable solution.

Lifestyle in Brooklyn

The area is multinational, and life here allows you to join different world cultures. It offers a wide range of infrastructure facilities necessary for a comfortable life. There are pre-school options, schools, hospitals, many shops and shopping malls. It offers residents the largest attractions of the city, including:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge;
  • the Botanical Garden;
  • Prospect Park;
  • the Brooklyn Museum.

There are many landscaped parks with walking areas, playgrounds and running routes in the area. Seaside lovers will appreciate the public beaches. The lifestyle in the area is calm and ensures a high level of security.

Investment property in Brooklyn

Many areas available for residential development allow you to choose between properties of different price categories and sizes. Real estate in Brooklyn is only slightly lower in price then housing units in Manhattan. Local housing is usually chosen not as an option for permanent residence, but as an investment. The reason is the type of housing popular in this borough. It is dominated by townhouses for several families, rather than condominiums with many apartments, so demand often exceeds supply. Real estate agencies in New York City are experiencing increased interest from tenants in homes with small backyards. In many ways, this was caused by the pandemic, which demonstrated the advantages of housing isolated from other residents.

The properties in Brooklyn occupy a leading position among the housing options that investors are interested in. Buying overseas property is an easy way to save money and get profit. Housing in Brooklyn deserves attention of property hunters for several reasons:

  • Stability. The New York real estate market remains one of the strongest in the world.
  • Capitalization of value. Housing prices are constantly rising.
  • High demand for rentals. You can buy an apartment, and then resell it or receive passive income from renting it out.

One of the most popular investment schemes is investing in housing at the initial stage of development or buying a home that needs renovation. After the property is finished or renovated, you can resell it at a much higher price. Buying property for investment in Brooklyn is not only profitable, but also safe.

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