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New developments in New York state

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New buildings in New York prices from developers

Investments in new buildings in New York remain the most profitable. The costs from developers are the lowest in the period of the start of sales. By the time the house is put into operation, the cost increases by tens of percent. Off-plan projects allow you to save money on buying real estate in a new building in New York. In the future, development projects in New York can be profitable, depending on the chosen strategy. Investments can provide income by the following items:

  • subsequent property resale;
  • rent.

The amount of real estate investments from a developer in New York depends only on the available capital. New residential projects in New York in Central Park are consistently in demand. It is hardly budget-friendly, but there is always a demand for premium-class properties for sale in New York residence complex. No less extensive opportunities for increasing capital are opened by actively developing areas. You can purchase a property in Brooklyn or the Bronx and expect that within a few years from the date of delivery it will increase in cost.

Residential Complexes in New York

The Big Appla occupies a leading position in the quality of life on the planet. Therefore, property in New York in residence complex in New York remains popular and in demand. Foreigners from all over the world come here. They choose the city as a place to move for permanent residence. An active influx of expats is stimulating new development projects in New York. About 70% of the housing stock is rented out, which makes investments in new residential buildings in New York profitable.

There are some types of housing in the metropolis:

  • Non-profit cooperatives, the ownership of which is practically inaccessible to foreign investors, since it requires income in the United States. Apartments in such houses are under the general management of the owners-shareholders. However, any potentially interested person can be denied membership in the community.
  • Townhouses where families live. Basically, these are houses in New York with a long history, previously designed to accommodate one family with servants.
  • Modern residential areas in the city. These are condominiums, whose residents pay for the available range of services at the expense of monthly contributions from the management company.


The cost of housing in residential complexes in New York depends on location. The highest prices in the borough, considered the heart of the metropolis. In Manhattan, one-bedroom apartments in residence complexes in New York will cost at least 700,000 – 800,000 dollars. The cost of a more spacious flats can reach up to million dollars. In Staten Island, you can buy apartments for 150,000 – 200,000 dollars. New buildings in New York are being built in all boroughs, which allows you to choose the best option for any budget both in Manhattan and Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx. The cost growth is observed annually. Therefore, it is more appropriate to start from specific offers available for sale in the period of planning the transaction.


Megapolis combines the spirit of freedom and culture of different countries of the world. The local population is tolerant of visitors. National communities for foreigners make the process of adaptation when moving to permanent residence even easier. Housing in a new building at the developer's price opens access to all the largest attractions of the region:

  • Statue of Liberty;
  • Empire State Building;
  • Rockefeller Center;
  • Central Park;
  • Times Square.

These are only five positions in the top interesting places of the city. The developed transport infrastructure makes it possible to study each of its areas in detail.

Our assistance in buying real estate in New York

The website of the largest real estate broker in New York publishes ads from developers. All proposals contain up-to-date information. A convenient search engine allows you to find housing for sale in a residential development project in New York in any of the districts. Advice on the selection and purchase can be obtained in real time, as well as to get acquainted with the state of the housing market and prices in euros and dollars.