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Property in the Bronx

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Property for sale in the Bronx, New York, the USA

The Bronx is an actively developing area in the world's largest metropolis - New York. The city has always been a top destination among expats, so the demand for property in New York is always high. The housing market in the Bronx offers a wide range of options for foreigners. You can choose an investment apartment or a spacious house for relocation.

Foreign property hunters are actively buying property for investment in the Bronx. For wealthy buyers, the borough offers an opportunity to profitably invest money and make a considerable profit. Also, local housing is a popular option among those who are planning to move to the city or by families who want to give their children the opportunity to receive a quality education. There are several communities in this borough: Riverdale, Trogns Neck, Edgewater Park, Wakefield, St. James Park, Parkchester. The Bronx attracts foreigners primarily with affordable housing prices. Real estate agencies in New York City have options for every budget.

Property prices in the Bronx

The cost of real estate in the Bronx directly depends on its location and area. In the housing market, you can find the following offers:

  • an average studio apartment priced at USD 300,000 (CNY 1.9 million);
  • a one-bedroom apartment starting at USD 350,000 (CNY 2.2 million);
  • an average two-bedroom apartment ranging from USD 400,000 to USD 500,000 (CNY 2.5-3.1 million).

High-end properties cost more than USD 1 million (CNY 6.3 million). This cost of housing in the Bronx is typical for apartments with four or more bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. It is important to take into account the fact that the real estate prices are dynamic and they tend to grow in the metropolis. Therefore, it is worth checking the cost of housing immediately before buying.

Lifestyle in the Bronx

A distinctive feature of the Bronx is that it is one of the most international areas in the city. Here you can find communities from almost every country in the world and get to know different cultures. Real estate in the Bronx for foreigners has a convenient geographical location. The borough is large, and its population has already exceeded 1.5 million people. However, the trip to the central borough of the metropolis, Manhattan, takes about half an hour's drive. The Bronx also houses a great choice of attractions, including:

  • the largest zoo in the USA;
  • the Botanical Garden;
  • the baseball stadium Yankee Stadium.

The eastern part of the district is known for the middle and upper-income neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods you will find a selection of high-quality and modern up-market properties. You can buy an apartment in a top-notch residential complex or a house. The northern part is built up with low-rise buildings. This is a comfortable option for those who prefer to live in the suburbs. The western part has a developed business infrastructure, although in general the Bronx is a quiet area, which is also called a bedroom community. The southern part is known as the poorest area in the Bronx.

Property investment in the Bronx

Investing in the Bronx property is worth it for several reasons:

  • The area is developing rapidly, the infrastructure is attracting new residents, which makes housing in demand.
  • Property in one of the largest cities in the world tends to capitalize on value. Therefore, you will be able to resell your apartment or other property over time at a higher price.
  • You can rent out your property and get profit remotely. You don't have to live in the country to do this. Property management companies and real estate agencies can take care of it. In addition, they can help you select tenants and control the condition of housing.

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