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Penthouses in New York state

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Penthouses in New York

Purchasing an apartment in New York is a real fantasy for many people, especially when it comes to luxury penthouses. In New York City, most of them put for sale have everything you can imagine and even more. It is premium class real estate. They offer a separate rooftop garden, great views of the city, and privacy that no other apartment can provide you with in the high-rise building.

You can find an extensive list of property in New York and the best offers in Manhattan on the website New-York.Realestate.

Penthouses for sale in New York the USA

These are duplex apartments on the top floor or apartments with a size much bigger compared to the standard housing units in the residential complex. Today, this term is also used to describe a flat with a layout that is different from the rest of the building, even if it is on different floors.

Over a century ago, properties of this type were anything but a luxury. These were modest little buildings located on the roofs next to the building constructions. Not a single member of high society would think of living in a place like this. Now, everything has changed dramatically. Today, penthouses have become an attribute of a beautiful life, a home for those who don't mess around.

From an architectural standpoint, these properties also offer some hidden benefits in renovation. Walls, columns, vents and pipes often have a smaller diameter than those on lower floors. So, housing has more usable space. Penthouse residents also have more access and rights to install rooftop climate control equipment or install a fireplace, a dryer and stove vents than other residents. Optional amenities help to reduce expenses and increase feasibility. In other words, you are more likely to live out all your design fantasies by buying such apartment in a new building in New York.

Lifestyle in New York

The Central Parka in a floor-to-ceiling view through glass walls takes the breath away every time. Some of these luxury penthouses in New York are extremely huge (e.g. a flat with the area of 9,710 sq. ft. (901.16 square meters). But more is not necessarily better. A classic penthouse not only has the best views in the building, but also provides you with more privacy as there are few living units on the floor and no neighbours.

Penthouse are different from other ordinary apartments. First of all, it is comfort. It is not just an apartment on the top floor of a building. It has a floor plan that is special for the rooftop level, and you will hardly find two identical penthouses.

Widespread advantages:

  • Large and open space;
  • Views;
  • Privacy;
  • Sometimes room service is provided;
  • Private elevator.


Here are the penthouse prices in New York in popular areas of the city:

  • 1st option in Manhattan, 1,114 square meters – $ 48,000,000;
  • 2nd option in Staten Island, 634 square meters – $ 13,900,000;
  • 3d option in Brooklyn, 168 square meters – $ 4,595,000.

For current prices in euros, dollars, check the website New-York.Realestate.

Penthouse in New York for investment

They usually cost more than other property variations in the building. As a rule, such investment penthouses in New York have great potential. It is a huge advantage having a flat on the top floor. Experienced buyers understand that a home is first and foremost an oasis of calm, so many resell their apartments to move into penthouses, away from annoying noise and other distractions. Plus, their unique location – the most popular city in America – adds the high importance to this real estate. This type of housing is an excellent buy-to-live and buy-to-invest choice. Prices and demand will always be high.

Buy penthouse in New York

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