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Property in Staten Island

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Property for sale in Staten Island, New York, the USA

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs in New York, ranking third in size, but inferior to the rest of the districts in terms of population. Property in New York in this area is represented by low-rise buildings. Townhouses and condominiums are surrounded by greenery, so the borough is often compared to a cozy suburb. For retirees and families with children, as well as for people who prefer a quiet lifestyle, this borough is a perfect destination. Housing in Staten Island provides residents with access to the ocean, which is another reason to choose this area.

As in other metropolitan boroughs, the population of the area is international. This makes it easier to adapt when moving and allows you to profitably invest in Staten Island property. The island location does not isolate you from other metropolitan boroughs. The developed transport infrastructure allows you to quickly get to other areas of the city while living here, in a quiet green area.

Property prices in Staten Island

The cost of housing directly depends on its type, year of construction, size and number of rooms. The area is actively developing, free land plots allow building in all its parts. Therefore, among the offers of developers, you can find both townhouses as well as apartments in new buildings. Property prices in Staten Island, New York are relevant at the time of publication of the listings, however they tend to grow. Currently, on various websites you can find property listings with the following prices:

  • One-bedroom apartments priced between USD 150,000 and USD 250,000 (CNY 955,000 to CNY 1.6 million). The cost depends on the quality and amenities of a certain property.
  • The average price of apartments with two bedrooms is USD 250 thousand US dollars (CNY 1.6 million) or more. The most popular price tag is from USD 350,000 to 400,000 (from CNY 2.2 to CNY 2.5 million).
  • The price of a small house is USD 300,000 (CNY 1.9 million). High-end units are sold at the price starting from USD 1 million (from CNY 6.3 million).

The cost of townhouses ranges from USD 300,000 to USD 600,000 (from CNY 1.9 million to CNY 3.8 million).

Lifestyle in Staten Island

Life in this area is all about peace and quiet and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no hustle and bustle typical for Manhattan. However, the social sphere is considerably developed. There are many cafes and restaurants, shops, educational and healthcare facilities. Staten Island property is in demand among tourists who come to visit local attractions, among which are:

  • many kilometers of beaches on the east coast. People come here to relax from all areas of the city;
  • Fort Wadsworth, where you can admire the architecture of past centuries. Now it is an open-air museum;
  • Museum 9/11, reminiscent of the tragedy of 2011. From here you are offered a spectacular view of Manhattan;
  • the Zoo.

Those who are interested in cultural life will be able to enjoy many museums, theaters, reconstructed historical buildings in Staten Island. One of the most famous is Richmond. This is an authentic town and farm museum complex built in the 18th century. Other popular spots are the botanical garden, the Conference House Museum, the Clow Lakes and Greenbelt parks.

Investment property in Staten Island

To invest in overseas real estate, you need to decide on a budget. There are several ways to buy property for investment in Staten Island:

  • Invest in a property unit, wait for the annual capitalization of the cost and then resell it at a higher price.
  • Invest in buy-to-let housing. The ROIs are high as housing rentals are in demand all year round, which ensures you a stable income.

The variety of offers allows you to find a perfect option for any purpose.

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