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Property in Manhattan

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Property for sale in Manhattan, New York, the USA

Manhattan is often referred to as the heart of New York. The business and cultural life of the metropolis is concentrated here. Tourists often start their acquaintance with the largest US city from here, therefore property in Manhattan is always in great demand. Another feature of this borough is the abundance of skyscrapers. This is the city’s district with the largest number of dazzling residential and business towers.

A variety of housing formats allows you to choose property in New York for any taste. Choosing a luxury rooftop penthouse or buying an apartment in a less high-rise complex, your decision depends on your budget and plans regarding the housing you are buying.

The borough borders on all major areas of the metropolis, from Brooklyn to Queens and the Bronx. This allows you to quickly get to almost anywhere in the city. The southern part is occupied by the Financial District or famous Wall Street. It is the business hub of the city. Many high-rise buildings have been erected here. Although most of them are business offices, there are also residential towers.

Another famous spot in the borough is the Chinatown quarter. This is an amazing complex of architectural styles, ranging from modern buildings to historical houses without any elevators.

In the Tribeca area, real estate in Manhattan for foreigners is even more in demand. This is not the central part of the borough, however there are many business offices here. The other popular neighborhoods in Manhattan are Soho, Lower East Side, East Village, Chelsea and Midtown.

Property prices in Manhattan

This district is the symbol of luxury and the dynamic lifestyle of the city. This has a direct impact on the value of real estate in Manhattan, New York. The housing in the area is pricey, but the choice of luxury properties is so wide that you can find an ideal option for every taste. The prices vary and look as follows:

  • Studio apartments cost from USD 400,000 (from CNY 2.5 million). You can also buy a one-bedroom apartment at a similar price. The difference in price can reach several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Apartments with two bedrooms cost from USD 650,000 (CNY 4.1 million). The price of high-end units starts from USD 1 million (from CNY 6.3 million).

Luxury property in Manhattan has the highest price rates. Villas, houses and penthouses are sold at the prices ranging from USD 1 million (from CNY 6.3 million) and more. The cost of exclusive units can reach several tens of millions, and despite such a high price, property hunters are happy to buy property for investment in Manhattan.

Lifestyle in Manhattan

The infrastructure of the area is developed and you can easily navigate through its streets since they can have names along with numerical designation as it is in other boroughs. The rectangular layout of the streets allows you not to get lost even if you are new to the area.

The cost of housing in Manhattan is a kind of indicator of the quality of the infrastructure of a particular part of the area. Opportunities for residents are wide:

  • The high quality of life. The metropolis provides an opportunity to receive a high income, as well as enjoy all social benefits. The area houses many famous schools and top healthcare facilities.
  • A multicultural community. This is the place where nationals of almost all countries live. This makes the adaptation process when relocating much easier.
  • High level of security. The level of crime is lower than on other areas of the city.

Local sights annually attract tens of millions of tourists. The list of must-visit spots includes Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, observation deck of the World Trade Center (One World Trade Center), the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Broadway and many other places.

Property investment in Manhattan

There are several reasons why it is profitable to invest in Manhattan property:

  • Increased demand in both sales and rental sectors. Housing can be resold at a higher price, or you can have passive income by renting it out using property management companies.
  • Annual cost capitalization. The housing in the most sought-after areas in ​​New York is steadily rising in price.

Having said that, investing in Manhattan property is worth considering. There are no legal restrictions on the right to own or resell houses and apartments in New York.

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