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Houses in New York state

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Villas for sale in New York, the USA

Known as the world’s most international city, New York attracts thousands of foreigners with its economic stability, rich cultural events and plenty of opportunities for development. Therefore, because of the huge influx of expats, about two thirds of property in New York is rented out. This is one of the key reasons why real estate hunters consider this city as one of the best investment destinations. On our website, you can find a great variety of villas and houses for any budget for investment as well as for a permanent residence.

Lifestyle in New York

Thanks to a high percentage of nationals from all over the world living in New York, this city offers a diverse and vibrant culture. It is famous for art, theater and many bohemian communities of artists. It is also home to numerous world-famous museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Legendary nightclubs attract those who want to dance the night away.

In addition to famous attractions, the metropolitan city offers top educational and healthcare facilities to ensure high standards of living.

Popular areas

The metropolitan city includes five boroughs with plenty of neighborhoods.


This borough is the most densely populated part of the city and it is an popular choice for young professionals. Known for numerous residential apartment towers, Manhattan also offers some of the most luxurious townhouses and villas for businesspersons and investors.


This part of the city is famous for terraced houses. Some of these houses offer small gardens. The borough also features a wide choice of museums, parks, schools and healthcare facilities.


The borough features sparsely populated areas that offer suburban detached houses that makes it a great destination for families with children and real estate investors since the property prices are considerably lower than in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The Bronx

Over the last few years, the borough has been actively developing attracting more and more real estate investors. Here you can find one of the cheapest options, however there are also more expensive neighborhoods.

Staten Island

Staten Island is famous for its small-town feel and affordable prices. This part of the city offers a wide range of detached houses located in waterfront neighborhoods.

Villas prices in New York

Nationals of other countries are allowed to buy housing in New York in all boroughs. Its price largely depends on the size, quality, locations and amenities it offers. The average home price is approximately $800,000 with the cheapest options costing $450,000. The cost of some luxury units with unique location can go as high as $150,000,000.

Investment house in New York

New York City is one of the top cities in the world with the highest cost of living. Villa prices are constantly growing as well as the demand for detached property rentals with gardens especially considering the pandemic. Therefore, the real estate market ensures two profitable investment options:

  • Get income from renting out your property for a long term;
  • Invest for a short-term profit by reselling your property at a higher price.

Investment options with the highest ROIs are located in the areas close to the Central Park and in actively developing areas with affordable housing prices.

We will help you buy a house in New York

On our website, you will find an exclusive collection of the latest property deals from trusted developers. We offer villas and houses as well as apartments in New York. Our experienced realtors will help you choose the best options suiting your requirements and goals, walk you through the buying process and provide after-sales service.