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  • A wide range of buy-to-live and buy-to-let properties in New York. Full legal and real estate support when buying a home!

  • Investing in New York property is the best solution to save your money!

  • ROIs up to 8%! Verified offers directly from developers and property owners!

  • ROIs up to 8%! Verified offers directly from developers and property owners!

  • Eine Investition in New Yorker Immobilien ist die beste Lösung, um Ihr Geld anzulegen!

  • A wide range of buy-to-live and buy-to-let properties in New York. Full legal and real estate support when buying a home!

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Property in New York on New-York.Realestate

New York is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, where real estate is a popular investment option. The city attracts foreign investors with its high standards of living and economic stability. Due to the large influx of expats, about 70% of the city's housing stock is rented out. Therefore, property in New York can bring significant profits. On our website, you can choose the best housing options for any budget and buy an apartment in New York both for investment and living.

Property for sale in New York, the USA

Buying real estate in New York in ready-made or off-plan residential projects from developers and real estate agencies is a profitable investment solution. For those who are interested in investing in real estate in New York, we offer:

  • A regularly updated property database, where you can find a housing unit meeting your requirements in any districts of the city.
  • An easy-to-use search system. Our search filters include more than 400 search options, which helps you find your dream home in no time.
  • the latest market statistics in 10 languages.
  • an opportunity to select property prices in euros and dollars.

There are no commission fees or hidden charges for those planning to invest in New `York property.

Popular areas

The most popular areas for investment include the following boroughs (i.e. districts of the city):

  1. Manhattan. This borough has the highest house prices. It is often referred to as the cultural hub of the United States. The financial life of the metropolis is also concentrated here. Most of the skyscrapers of the city are located in Manhattan, therefore there are plenty of up-market offers in this area. Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park - these are just some of the major attractions located in this borough.
  2. Queens. Housing for foreigners in this borough allows you to get acquainted with the culture of different countries. Almost half of the local residents are from other countries. There are two airports in the area. It also hosts major sporting events such as the New York Mets baseball team games and the US Open tennis tournament.
  3. Staten Island. The area is known for its calm and relaxed lifestyle. This suburban area is a great solution for retirees and families with children. This place offers a fantastic scenery, a lot of greenery, while the central parts of the city can be reached in a short period of time.
  4. The Bronx. The cost of local housing is the most affordable, and the constant influx of foreigners ensures you stable rental yields. The area is suitable for comfortable living and it is being actively developed. The two biggest attractions in this borough are the Zoo and the Yankee Stadium.
  5. Brooklyn. The developed infrastructure of this area attracts those who plan to stay in the city for a long term. The cost of housing in New York in this borough is higher than in the Bronx, but lower than in Manhattan or Queens. The main attraction of the borough is the Brighton Beach area, associated with luxury holidays.

Property prices in New York

Foreigners can buy real estate in New York in any borough. The cost largely depends on the location and area of ​​​​the unit. The average sales price is USD 800,000 US (CNY 5.08 million), but this does not mean that it is impossible to buy cheaper housing. The most expensive both in terms of the cost of living and the amount of investments is Manhattan. Here you can buy real estate for USD 1 million (CNY 6.3 million) and more. The cost of luxury properties can reach USD 4-5 million (CNY 25.5-31.7 million).

In Brooklyn, home prices start at USD 700,000 (CNY 4.4 million). In Queens, you can find units with the price tag of USD 550,000 (CNY 3.5 million). The most affordable prices are in Staten Island. The average cost of local housing is USD 440,000 (CNY 2.8 million).

Lifestyle in New York

The metropolis is known as the city of expats or a “melting pot”. This makes the local culture vibrant and extremely diverse. Not only business life is actively developing here, a lot of cultural events also attract people of creative professions. The city hosts plenty of big sport events. Most of the sights of the metropolis are known even to those who have not visited the city. The most popular spots are Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building.

Investment property in New York

The metropolis is one of the ten most expensive cities in the world. Property prices in New York for foreigners are steadily rising, and there is no reason to believe that this trend will change in the opposite direction. There are several strategies for investing in New York real estate:

  • receive passive long-term income from renting out your property;
  • save or increase capital in a short time by reselling your new home at a higher price.

The most profitable investment options are located in the residential projects near the Central Park. To capitalize the value, it is recommended to invest in actively developing areas.

We will help you buy property in New York

Our website offers an exclusive collection of high-end properties: from apartment units in residential projects in New York to top-quality houses and townhouses. Our real estate experts are ready to answer your questions and provide all the information regarding the property prices, selecting and buying a home and after-sales service.

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