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Duplexes in New York state

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Duplexes for sale in New York the USA

Duplexes in New York represent a separate category of housing with their own specific features. If you plan to buy a property in New York, you value freedom with privacy, a duplex is an option worth your attention. Apartments for sale in New York on Manhattan, Staten Island, etc. are already available on our website.


Duplexes prices in New York are calculated on a per-square-meter basis. Of course, buyers may think that they overpaid because staircases occupy several square meters of surface. Gardens with open surrounding spaces influence prices as well.

These are prices for properties in different boroughs of New York:

  • 4 br (bedroom) option, the Bronx, 125.42 sq. meters  – $ 175,000;
  • 5 br family option, the Bronx, 222.97 sq. meters  – $ 350,000;
  • 6 br  option, Brooklyn, 262.27 sq. meters  – $ 265,000;
  • 4 br option, Staten Island, 137.87 sq. meters – $ 539,000.

You can find current prices in euros, dollars with an easy-to-use search system by visiting the website New-York.Realestate.

Lifestyle in New York

A duplex is a one-room apartment with two floors, connected by stairs. It provides comfort, privacy, alongside with security pretty easily.

Outside of the Big Apple, mostly, this term refers to a two-room residential unit with two large living spaces under one roof, separated by common walls.

Luxury duplexes in New York are rare. This special type of property is hard to find on the real estate market. Customers who don't want to live in typical big city’s apartments often look for ones. There is an alternative variant in premium real estate – a duplex penthouse – so-called "a house in the sky."

Open space forms another characteristic for this type of property. A garden level housing gives access to the backyard, while buying a duplex penthouse provides access to a private rooftop terrace.

Additional privacy acts an important role. It comes with access to two floors. Roomy bedrooms and living rooms occupy different floors. Bedrooms in some houses are located on different floors, which is convenient for families with teenagers.

You can purchase real estate in any boroughs of the city. The highest concentration is on the Upper East Side, Chelsea, and Midtown East.

This type of property is common inside condominium buildings, because most cooperatives prohibit flooring / it can put at risk the structural integrity of the construction. Always check if the duplex of your choice is well-constructed and maintained or if these are just two apartments that were combined together earlier.

It makes sense to pay attention to the building itself or repairs, because they do not always achieve the “quality improvement” that many buyers expect from such expensive projects.

Investment duplexes in New York

The wish to purchase properties usually comes with various preference — in modern era, you may prioritize spacious places for investment.

The profit from duplexes in New York for investment can be high, both for long-term or quick resale benefits. This housing option is rarely found on the market, it attracts plenty of attention. They are usually sold very quickly.

Buying duplex in New York

In order to fulfill your dream to buy duplexes in New York or quick search for a house in New York, please, contact specialists on the New-York.Realestate. You will receive detailed answers to all your questions. We will provide full support in the process of sale and purchase.