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  • How to get a Permanent Resident Card in the USA in 2022?

    Over the years, topical issues about immigration to the United States of America have remained unchanged. People are looking for financial stability, security for themselves and their families, freedom, and independence. They can find it all in the USA. From this material, you will learn how to register and obtain a Permanent Resident Card in the...

  • How to buy real estate in the USA in 2022

    America is one of the world’s most popular countries for immigration and business. Many entrepreneurs seek to enter the American market because they see the potential for their companies to develop. This is one of the reasons why American real estate is in high demand. Buying an apartment in New York, the largest city in the United States of...

  • Pros and cons of living in New York

    New York is a city where dreams come true and global trends are born. Most people in the world associate America with it and it's where the famous Statue of Liberty is.  This article will help you learn about what the appeal of New York is that motivates people to move there. We’ll also look at what pitfalls there are. Content: Is...

  • Overview of New York’s real estate prices and prospects for 2022

    Among all the capital markets of the United States of America, property for sale in New York is the world’s most expensive. According to some reports, the local housing market is estimated at $3.51 trillion (¥22.3 trillion). To compare this, in Los Angeles, this figure is $3.27 trillion (¥20.7 trillion). You can learn more about the...

  • Where can you safely invest money in 2022? Some investment rules

    2020 was a test of strength for everyone. The severe crisis caused many people to try and become more financially savvy. People who did not have a financial cushion during the pandemic began to look for sources of additional earnings, study ways to invest money, and plan their budget more carefully. From our article, we suggest you learn about what...