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Off-plan apartments in New York state

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Off-plan apartments for sale in New York

New York is the most populous city in the USA. It is known not only for its major attractions, but also for the fact that almost two-thirds of the housing stock is rented out. Due to the international composition of the population, property in New York is constantly in demand, which makes flats and apartments in new buildings under construction at the developer's price attractive for investment. Many foreigners choose the metropolis as a place to move to permanent residence, as the city opens up wide opportunities for implementation and provides a high standard of living. Apartments from the developer at the construction stage can significantly save on the purchase.

Apartments and flats at the price of the developer

The metropolis has a territorial division into five major boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island. Inside each of them are more compact neighborhoods. Construction companies in New York offer apartments in new buildings under construction in New York in different cities of the city. At the same time, the cost of real estate directly depends not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the location. The most expensive housing in the Central Park area. This is the largest green space in the United States in the center of Manhattan. The housing stock here does not belong to the budget category, but is the most prestigious. Many seek to invest in flats and apartments in this area, as it becomes more expensive every year. The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn are developing no less actively. A sufficient amount of free space allows you to buy an apartment in a new building in New York not only in the central parts of the borough, but also on the coast. The advantages of acquiring apartments in new buildings in New York are numerous:

  • Favorable cost. The closer the purchase is to the start of new built apartments sales in New York, the more profitable it is. At the same time, the buyer is protected from any risks, it is enough to cooperate with developers with a proven reputation. The inclusion in the contract of sale of a clause on the responsibility of the developer for the failure of the deadlines completely excludes financial losses on the part of the buyer due to the postponement of the declared moment of commissioning of the house.
  • Convenient payment system. The sale of new buildings in New York does not provide for the need to deposit the entire amount at once. Payments are divided into several transfers as certain stages of construction are completed. At the same time, the buyer is insured against price increases: he pays the amount that is reflected in the contract.
  • High quality. New buildings benefit in comparison with the secondary housing stock of the last century. They are created using modern technologies and using energy-saving materials, which allows for greater comfort at lower utility costs.

Also, at the initial stage of development, the owner has a greater choice of layout options and it is possible to coordinate interior decoration.

Investment in off-plan apartment from a developer in New York

Foreign real estate remains one of the most cost-effective ways to save money from inflation. Investments in an apartment from a developer under construction in New York can be carried out according to two types of strategies:

  • Purchase of housing for the purpose of subsequent rental.
  • Investments in off-plan real estate for the purpose of its subsequent resale.

Capitalization of the cost is observed in any case, so it will be more expensive to resell a flat in a new building under construction in New York.

Our assistance in buying real estate in New York

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