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Apartments and flats in Manhattan

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Apartments for sale in Manhattan, New York, USA

There are more than 50 residential communities in Manhattan, each of which has its own unique personality. Soho, Battery Park City, Kips Bay, Flatiron, Washington Heights and others have a lot to offer, in particular, a variety of gastronomic delights for expats and for foreigners. People who are interested in Permanent residence will be interested to know that there are more than 100 public parks, many of which have basketball and sports fields, as well as swimming pools.

It is important to note that Manhattan is pet-friendly, that is, pets are allowed here, which means that it will be a little easier for buyers with pets to find and buy an apartment in Manhattan. Dog parks and various training grounds are provided throughout the area. After hours, you can walk around Central Park with dogs without a leash, and some cafes even offer special treats for animals.

Apartments prices in Manhattan

Rents throughout the city vary depending on the area. The amenities in the building and the area are also important factors in price formation. Real estate market offers a huge variety of apartments in Manhattan for investment and permanent residence.

  • 1–bedroom apartment – USD 2 199 – 5 659 per month;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – USD 3 499 – 9 995 per month;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – USD 5 995 – 15 124 per month.

The purchase price depends on the same factors as the rental. The average cost of apartments in Manhattan is USD 2,000,000 from developers and agencies. In some areas, for this price or much cheaper, you can buy a flat in Manhattan. However, many such price tags do not scare away, but on the contrary – motivate.

Lifestyle in Manhattan

Paying for parking in the city is obscenely expensive, and finding a home or apartment with private parking is near impossible. Figuring out the subway system can be a little harder. One thing to be careful about is which direction you’re going and the type of train you’re taking. Make sure to choose the correct direction, either uptown or downtown. 

New Yorkers are some of the most welcoming, loving people in America. They also want you to get the heck out of their way. Manhattanites know where they are going, and seriously own the streets of the city. 

Manhattan’s neighborhoods can be as small as a cross street, or encompass a square mile. Manhattanites are proud and particular about their neighborhoods, and are happy to tell you why their district is the best in NYC. Here are a few neighborhoods in Manhattan that stand out.

Investment apartments in Manhattan

Buying an apartment in Manhattan is almost always a good investment, especially when it comes to independent living and saving money in the long run. Apartments for sale in Manhattan are available right now on the website New-York.Realestate. Here you can also get comprehensive advice on the selection of investment properties in Manhattan and other areas of New York.

Interested in selling properties in New York? In this case, we invite you to visit one of the most popular places in the Big Apple. Manhattan is the heart of New York. This small area surprisingly combines the main commercial and financial buildings of the city, as well as iconic landmarks (for example, Broadway). This place is definitely worth a visit to anyone who is crazy about the crazy energy of New York and wants to live in the thick of things.

Businessmen and investors who want to buy apartments in New York and those who like his lively rhythm will be interested in this area.  Apartments in Manhattan are suitable for investment and permanent residence.

Buy apartments in Manhattan

Leading real estate agencies in New York, only selected ads, always up–to-date prices in dollars and euros, as well as detailed descriptions are waiting for you on the website New-York.Realestate. If you want to buy flats for in Mangattan, contact our manager to start looking for a dream home in New York!