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Apartments and flats in Queens

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Apartments for sale in Queens, New York, USA

In four of the five boroughs of New York, the term «garden apartment» usually refers to a ground-floor apartment in a townhouse. This area is popular for foreigners and for expats. However, in the easternmost district of New York, this phrase means something completely different, so if you are planning to buy a flat in Queens, do not be surprised if the ad leads you to a low-rise apartment building.

As a rule, there are green spaces, but they are usually shared, unlike an apartment in a townhouse, which has its own backyard.

Sometimes apartments in Queens are duplexes with separate entrances to the parking lot or shared, as in a townhouse. In other cases, they can be accessed through a common corridor with four or more entrances to the apartments.

Such buildings are ideal for pet owners or those who like to have a barbecue.

Apartment prices in Queens

The cost of apartments in Queens and their cost varies depending on the specific residential community and the individual characteristics of the property.  In addition, the cost is also affected by the size of the apartment and the amenities in the building, such as elevators and balconies. In Queens, it is USD 2,200.

The average cost of buying an apartment in Queens is USD 676,500. Real estate market offers a huge variety of apartments for investment and permanent residence.

If you are interested in properties in New York, pay attention to Queens. This is the easternmost district of New York, where everyone will find something unique for themselves. You can buy an apartment in Queens in more than 90 communities. Such as Sunny side, Corona, Flushing and others have a lot to offer, from convenient urban infrastructure to sprawling green parks.

Are you having trouble choosing a property? The website New-York.Realestate hosts reputable real estate agencies in New York that will help you choose apartments in Queens for investment and permanent residence.

Lifestyle in Queens

Queens is a real paradise for gastronomic gourmets. Here you can visit Astoria and taste Greek cuisine, or Jackson Heights, which serves Indian cuisine.

To immerse yourself in musical culture, visit the Louis Armstrong House Museum to learn more about the jazz icon. Do you need something more suitable for children? The New York Hall of Science is the perfect place. Here children are taught science in a relaxed way.

When it comes to the big three: food, entertainment and transportation costs, affordable housing options are somehow found in all areas of New York.

A big advantage of the area is the permission to stay with pets. In some public parks there are dozens of zones where you can walk an animal even without a leash. One of them is Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. There you can also look at the Unisphere, a huge stainless-steel globe from the 1964 New York World's Fair.

There are more parks in this area than we can count. One of the most popular is Juniper Valley Park, known for its acres of football and baseball fields.

Investment apartments in Queens

Buying an apartment in Queens is almost always a good investment, especially when it comes to independent living and saving money in the long run. Apartments for sale in Queens are available right now on the website New-York.Realestate. Here you can also get comprehensive advice on the selection of investment properties in Queens and other areas of New York.

Buy apartments in Queens

Apartments and houses in New York from developers and agencies, current prices in dollars and euros and a lot of useful information are waiting for you on the website New-York.Realestate. If you need to choose flats for sale in Queens for living and investment, please contact our specialists.