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Townhouses in New York state

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Townhouses for sale in New York the USA

In New York, where space is essential, a townhouse acts like the best choice for couples with children and single people who value freedom. Property in New York have unique characteristics. You can learn more about them below.

Technically, a traditional single-family house is a separate structure. Townhouses in New York typically share one wall with a neighbouring construction or building.  Like other types of properties, they provide plenty of open space. Additionally, if you are the only owner of such a house in New York, then you can live on your own with no neighbours – a real dream in a big city.

Lifestyle in New York

Townhouses have been enjoying a new life circle for the past few years. Buyers have begun looking for homes because of social distancing. After long periods of time when whole families have done business, studied, and enjoyed spare time in just one apartment, customers look for the solitude, spacious areas, rooms with clear purposes, and outdoor space. It is important to remember, that owning a townhouse is more than just indoor and outdoor areas. It’s investing into a lifestyle — solitude, roomy space, plentiful bedrooms, gardens, and sometimes. Few most common types are described below.

Investment penthouses in New York

The decision to purchase real estate usually comes down to finances and personal preference —but in the Covid era, you may find yourself more inclined to go with spacious places in the Big Apple for investment.

1. Brownstone townhouse

This is a brick building with brown stone (reddish brown sandstone) cladding. Most of the stone in New York comes from one location.

Locals can find brownstone townhouses throughout the City. There are plenty of them in historic districts such as Fort Greene, Upper West Side, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Harlem. Despite the external beauty of stone facades, they often need restoration, especially after many years of increased use.

2. Clapboard townhouse

These ones are mostly located on Washington Heights. Clipboard housing is famous for its siding constructed with horizontal wooden planks, otherwise known as clapboard. Now, they are not as common as in the 1700s and 1800s. But some property units have stood the test of time. Clapboard homes need high maintenance to protect the wood planks from external factors and the weather. Because of their shortage, this type of luxury townhouse in New York is more expensive. One property unit on Sylvan Terrace was sold for $1,500,000, and another in the West Village was sold for $8,250,000.

3. Limestone townhouse

A century ago, limestone properties became widespread because of a popular weather-resistant material for outdoor finishing. Over time, limestone has become a favorite choice for mansion-like exteriors for townhouses in Manhattan.

For example, in 2021, one limestone housing unit on the Upper East Side was sold for $79,000,000.

4. Townhouse with vinyl walls

Among all the different types, the vinyl variety has its fair share of goodwishers and illwishers. However, none of them can ignore the advantages of this material. Vinyl does not deform, decay or break because of the weather like its other competitors. This material was introduced in the 1950s as a replacement for aluminum siding, which was prone to denting. Vinyl-walled buildings are most common in areas of the Brooklyn borough such as Williamsburg, Greenpoint, as well as parts of Queens.

5. Brick townhouse

Brick walls bring huge advantages to real estate in New York. Brick gives charm and warmth, both inside and out. That is why brick houses are the most desirable and loved ones. Brick blocks are strong, fire-resistant and provide excellent insulation.


Townhouse prices in New York vary in terms of location, area, and type of housing units.

Prices also depend on the property configuration:

  • 4br (bedroom) option in Brooklyn (557.42 sq. meters) – $4,900,000;
  • 5 br option (746.94 sq. meters) – $8,450,000;
  • 6 br option (794.32 sq. meters) – $18,000,000;
  • 7 br option (603.87 sq. meters) – $18,000,000.

Buy penthouse in New York

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