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How to get a Permanent Resident Card in the USA in 2022?

How to get a Permanent Resident Card in the USA in 2022?

Over the years, topical issues about immigration to the United States of America have remained unchanged. People are looking for financial stability, security for themselves and their families, freedom, and independence. They can find it all in the USA. From this material, you will learn how to register and obtain a Permanent Resident Card in the USA, the features of this procedure, and the main requirements for the applicant when submitting documents.


Permanent Resident Card in the USA

First, you need to understand what a Green Card is. It is the equivalent of a Permanent Resident Card which allows foreigners to live and work in the USA. A Green Card does not entitle its holder to be a country citizen, but this is the first step to having this status. To become a permanent resident in the USA, you need to be patient and prepared for expenses associated with the process. The effort in becoming a Permanent Resident is well worth it.

Benefits of a Green Card

What does a Permanent Resident Card in the USA offer? It gives you the right to live and work in the USA. You will also have access to medical care, education, banking services, and other benefits. You don’t have the right to vote until you’ve become a citizen, and the Green Card is the key to American citizenship.

What are other benefits of obtaining a Permanent Resident Card?

Purchasing property in New York in your name.

  • Staying in the USA and leaving the country at any time without a visa.
  • Inviting your relatives and friends to the USA.

Requirements for holders of a Permanent Resident Card

Green Card holders are obliged to comply with the following criteria:

  • Declare income and pay taxes.
  • Register for military service (for males from 18 to 26). If you receive a Green Card by invitation to work, you need to work out the period specified in the contract.
  • Do not violate the laws of the country. A minor conflict with a policeman can lead to the cancellation of your Green Card.

Note. If the Green Card holder spends most of his time outside the United States, immigration services may have some questions. If he does not comply with these requirements, he can lose his Green Card.

Conditions of becoming a Permanent Resident

The main conditions for candidates to receive a Green Card:

  • No criminal record.
  • The age threshold is over 21 years old.
  • No violations of the visa regime.
  • Financial viability (sponsor or own funds).
  • Registration of a company or own business in the USA.

The main ways to obtain a residence permit in America

You can be eligible for a Green Card if you have an offer of employment, are married to an American, won the lottery, or starting a business. It is necessary to contact the consulate, submit an application and pass the interview. The decision is made within 30 days to 2 years, depending on the visa program.

We suggest considering the most common ways of obtaining a Permanent Residency Card.

Participation in the lottery and Green Card drawing

The Green Card Lottery is a unique opportunity to get a permanent residency in the USA. Winning the international Green Card lottery gives you a chance to get a Permanent Residency Card in the country you like the most, with the least effort, and without additional investments. However, there is no guarantee of success ‒ it is a lottery. According to the immigration services, in 2021, about 4,000 Green Cards were issued based on winning the lottery.

What is the point of this method? The US Visa Service draws 50,000 Green Cards every year for citizens of countries without visa restrictions (all except China, India, Vietnam, and some South American countries). To participate in the lottery, you need to fill out a special questionnaire with a photo and submit it from October to November.


  • Secondary education.
  • At least two years of experience in any position.

Marriage to a US citizen

In 2022, being married to an American is still relevant. However, it is impossible to deceive the system and enter into a fictitious marriage, as the official authorities are stringent.

After marrying a US citizen, a foreigner receives a Permanent Resident Card valid for two years. After this period, the couple must prove that they live together. If the authorities confirm the fictitious marriage, the foreign national will be deported without return, and the US citizen will answer to the law by the criminal code.

Green Card based on employment

In America, employment is relatively easy, even as a foreigner, but without basic knowledge of English, it can be difficult for you to obtain a Permanent Residency Card.  You have to know spoken English as a minimum requirement.

Permanent Residency Card for real estate investments

There is no provision for obtaining a residence permit when buying real estate in the USA. However, buying a house in New York or another city can be an argument in granting a long-term visa.


The USA is a country of big projects and startups. Many investors and entrepreneurs interested in business development are looking for attractive options. The Government helps to support foreigners. For example, one of the advantages of investing in the US economy is an EB–5 visa for:

  • Investing in independent projects.
  • Investing in regional projects.

Individual conditions depend on the request. The minimum investment is $900,000 (¥5,700,000).

The main stages for investors:

  • Choose an investment project.
  • Prepare and submit documents, including the statement of financial status.
  • Deposit an investment asset.
  • Apply for a Green Card.
  • Get a response from the migration service (6-12 months).


The following applies to citizens of those countries that are not included in the sanctions lists of the United States of America.

Citizens over 21 can obtain a Permanent Residency Card through business activity. There are three ways to get this:

  • Through an invitation from the sponsor company registered in the USA, conduct legal activities and pay taxes in the country.
  • As a displaced staff member. The company where the foreign national works must be a new one, a startup, or a subsidiary of a non-resident organization.
  • Through investments of $1,800,000 or more (¥11,400,000).

The main stages of obtaining a Permanent Residency Card:

  • Open a company or a branch of an existing company in the USA.
  • Obtain a work permit for a foreign employee.
  • Register a new employee or transfer him from an existing company.
  • Apply for an L-1 or EB-5 visa for this employee.

Note. The L-1 visa is issued from 1 to 5 years, depending on the company's turnover. After that, you can request a Green Card. If you do not want to move to the United States of America for permanent residence, you can pay attention to E-1 visas, which are easier to obtain but need to be updated.

We will help you get a Permanent Residency Card for the USA

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