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Where can you safely invest money in 2022? Some investment rules

Where can you safely invest money in 2022? Some investment rules

2020 was a test of strength for everyone. The severe crisis caused many people to try and become more financially savvy. People who did not have a financial cushion during the pandemic began to look for sources of additional earnings, study ways to invest money, and plan their budget more carefully. From our article, we suggest you learn about what it is worth investing money in not to make a mistake.


How to invest money for a passive income?

The tips below explain the most popular and affordable options where you can invest money in the USA to get a passive income.


One of the best investment options abroad for individuals is bank deposits. The risks of deposits in savings accounts are lower than in other types of investments. It’s more profitable to deposit funds into a savings account because you can easily and quickly convert them into cash. Any foreigner can open a savings account in the USA but before doing this, you must find out if the bank offers services to foreigners. How often interest rates are charged changes across different banks so you need to check beforehand and find the best option for you.

Your savings account will be insured for $100,000 (¥634,280) if the bank cooperates with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration.

Certificates of deposit

This is a security that confirms a deposit to the bank, the right to receive the deposited amount and interest after the deadline. When you sell a property, the cost of one certificate reaches $1,000 (¥6,343). Usually, the longer the certificate is kept, the higher the interest rate. If you cash out the certificate early, you’ll have to pay a fine. These investments can also be insured federally for $100,000 (¥634,280).

Savings bonds

The United States Treasury gives out savings bonds. The type of security offers EE and HH bonds.

Most banks give out EE bonds. The lowest purchase price of the bond is $25 (¥158). In 8-12 years, depending on the interest rate, the maturity will be about $ 50 (¥317). The interest rate on the bond is linked to the market interest rate. If you want to cash out early, you’ll have to pay a fine.

You can buy bonds at the Federal Reserve Bank or through the Treasury. Another option is to sell EE bonds or old HH. bonds. The HH bond is repaid after 10 years with interest payments every 6 months. You can buy savings bonds as part of the fund or separately in your portfolio.

Bonds through the Treasury are the safest investment option. They aren’t insured but are authorized by the US Government. This means that the investor has a money-back guarantor for their investments and interest gained. Selling Treasury bonds doesn’t come with paying any extra taxes.

Government bonds

Another way to invest in securities is through Treasury bills (T-bills) which mature for 12 months. There are also promissory notes with a 10-year maturity and other United States Agency bonds. Investors can buy these types of bonds without paying a commission from the Federal Reserve Bank or a dealer.

Other bonds

States, cities, or local government agencies give out municipal bonds. An important feature of these bonds is that the interest received by the bondholder isn’t subject to federal income tax. Also, the interest is exempt from state and local taxes if the bondholder lives in the issuer's jurisdiction. Because of these tax advantages, interest rates are lower than for corporate bonds. Municipal bonds can finance projects that are nationally important like bridges, schools, and new roads.

“Junk Bonds” are a term for speculative, high–risk corporate or municipal bonds with a high-interest rate. The default rate on Junk Bonds is much higher than on higher-quality bonds.


As we’ve explained, when you buy shares, you become a co-owner of a company. If the company is doing well, the value of your shares should rise over time. If the company has no profit, the value of your investment will drop. Many companies give out part of their income to shareholders as dividends. As co-owners, shareholders can vote in elections for the board of directors and other important issues.

Companies give out 2 types of shares: ordinary and preferred.

Ordinary shares are the main type of ownership in the company. People who own ordinary shares are entitled to the assets and income of the firm after claims by owners of preferred shares and bondholders. The security of most preferred shares is higher than ordinary shares but the owners of preferred shares can’t vote for the company's directors.

Mutual investment fund (mutual fund)

A mutual fund invests all the shareholders’ money in different types of investments. The fund manager buys and sells securities for them. The value of mutual funds rises and falls with the securities that an investor has.

An investor can invest in mutual funds to diversify income and take advantage of professional management, low share prices, or how easily they can buy and sell shares. Each mutual fund has a goal that defines the types of securities it invests in. The securities prospectus `must show the fund’s objectives.

All mutual funds charge management fees, and some charge extra ones when you buy and sell shares. The prospectus must show all the fees and expenses. Many mutual funds are part of a family of funds (i.e. issued by the same mutual company). A financial services company can offer several funds with different purposes and an investor can switch from one fund to another within the same family at no cost.

Real estate investments in New York

A residential property in New York and other cities is the most common investment. More than 2/3 of Americans own homes. Usually, homeownership is a good investment because property prices are rising. But since buying a house is the largest investment, if property prices fall, it’ll be difficult for a homeowner to meet their mortgage obligations.

Real estate in New York is a unique investment opportunity. Its main disadvantage is high prices. New York is the world’s most expensive city for rental housing and one of the most expensive residential real estate markets. If you have a lot of money and motivation to find the right property, real estate will be an excellent option for you to invest in here.

Even though there are high prices, limited property, and high demand, buying an apartment in New York is a profitable way to invest.

Turnkey real estate

Turnkey real estate allows investors to buy a property and start renting it out. At first, it may seem that this is impossible to do in New York but that isn’t true. Many agencies specialize in selling turnkey property. This is a unique investment opportunity if you’re interested in real estate in New York but don’t want to live there.

We’ll help you invest profitably in New York’s real estate

Start searching for an investment home or even one to live in the USA on the website New-York.Realestate. Here, you’ll get professional advice about renting, buying, and selling real estate in the USA. You can also find out the current prices. The company's specialists will help you buy an apartment in a new building in New York and guarantee a safe transaction.

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