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Villas for sale in the Bronx, New York, USA

Villas in the Bronx for expats are available for sale without any restrictions and the process of buying is the same as the locals. Mortgages are also available for foreigners. In addition, you can buy ready-made housing as well as off-plan units. Real estate agencies in New York will select the best options among the available offers on the real estate market in any part of the borough. There are many units both for those who are planning to move and for those are going to invest.

Investment house in the Bronx

The Bronx is one of the largest boroughs in New York. The metropolis is known as the most international city, which makes property in New York in demand for expats. Almost two-thirds of the housing stock is rented out, so businesspersons and investors are considering housing as a profitable investment option. Investing in homes in the Bronx is beneficial for several reasons:

  • The borough has a vast area, which encourages construction companies to actively develop new residential projects. This means that property hunters are offered a wide range of options. In a rapidly developing area, you can buy property for any budget. Houses in the Bronx are as popular as apartments in New York.
  • Regardless of the situation in the world and the economy, analysts observe an annual increase in prices. Capitalizing the value of a house or villa in the Bronx allows you to resell the property at a higher price.
  • Housing is always in demand, which allows you to receive regular income from renting it out. Many real estate companies offer property management service, which is convenient for foreign owners.

Lifestyle in the Bronx

The owners of villas in the Bronx enjoy a developed infrastructure of the area. It is located within half an hour's drive of New York City's central borough of Manhattan. This provides access to the main attractions of the metropolis, including the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center. In the Bronx itself, there are also many interesting places, from the largest zoo in the country to the legendary Yankee Stadium. The pace of life in the borough is quite calm, so it suits different social groups, from pensioners and families with children to young professionals.

Villas prices in the Bronx

The prices are directly related to the year of construction, location, number of rooms and the amenities. You can buy a villa in the Bronx for $500,000 or several million. On the market you can see the following offers:

  • A $350,000 two-bedroom home with one bathroom.
  • A townhouse with the same number of bedrooms, but a larger area at a price of $650,000.
  • A house with 6 bedrooms worth $2,750 ,000.

Prices change regularly, so it is worth checking them right before buying.

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