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Commercial property in New York state

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Commercial properties for sale in New York the USA

Buying real estate is an integral part of business strategies. If you plan to launch a project on the international market and consider the United States for this purpose, it will be useful for you to learn about commercial property for sale in New York. The residential and business property markets are a vast field of opportunity for foreigners. People from all over the world purchase buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and other boroughs as part of their asset diversification strategy.

Increased real estate prices do not necessarily mean higher ROI (return on investments), especially in an influential and globally renowned market like in the Big Apple. Business properties are not seasonal like the residential real estate market, they remain stable throughout the year. The only exception is the Christmas season. However, there are important characteristics to know before making a purchase of business real estate.


Today, retailers seek to create a hybrid shopping experience by combining online and offline shopping platforms. Although the number of online shoppers has increased significantly in recent years, it is just more convenient. There are plenty of people who prefer actual offline stores. That's why well-known online brands open retail centers all over the Big Apple. Only the help of experienced real estate brokers can meet their specific requirements.

Commercial property prices in New York USA at retail are the following:

  • Retail store, 2,270 m2, year of construction: 2015, — $ 5,079,000 (yield 5.5%);
  • Store, 160 m², year of construction: 1991, — $ 774,000 (yield 6%);
  • Chain Pharmacy, 1,542 m², year of construction: 2009, — $ 7,450,000 (yield 5.84%);

Many downtown buildings were purchased at low capitalization rates. If interest rates rise, this could be a problem for real estate investors. However, the demand for commercial real estate in New York exceeds the supply, which increases the efficiency of commercial property investment in New York.

Lifestyle in New York

Businesses do not want to invest in the ownership of real estate units or in buying a ready business in New York. Renting becomes a much more profitable financial solution for them. For investors in business real estate, it makes sense to prepare a commercial unit for a potential business in advance.

If you are interested in selling apartments in New York or commercial premises, you can learn about open offers in the catalog.

Investment commercial properties in New York

The new buildings on the market were designed to meet the needs of numerous retail and office tenants. This has put pressure on older properties, forcing them to develop their commercial space in accordance with the latest tenant requirements. Many landlords have even reduced their rentals to make their properties more attractive.

Although Manhattan remains one of the largest business property markets, many tenants consider new areas for this purpose, such as Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and Northwest Queens. The main advantages here are lower rentals, easy transportation, and connections to other suburbs of the city.

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