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Blumenfeld Development Group

Blumenfeld Development Group
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Blumenfeld Development Group is a full service real estate development firm with a development portfolio that features regionally significant projects, entertainment-based retail, multi-tenant office, medical office, industrial and multifamily-residential. BDG’s fully integrated team allows for seamless packaging of all services, including those related to leasing, acquisitions, property management, construction, permits and approvals, architectural and engineering design, and user operational planning.

This holistic approach toward real estate has enabled BDG to prosper over its four decade history. BDG brings a client-centered approach to every project. This fundamental tenet, when combined with a highly specialized team of real estate professionals, produces unparalleled levels of service. Over one hundred fifty years of combined experience in acquisitions has endowed the firm with an extraordinary sense of value.  BDG employs over fifty people in three New York offices and controls approximately four million square feet of real estate.

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