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OKO Group

OKO Group
Founded in

OKO Group is an international real estate development firm established by Chairman and CEO, Vlad Doronin. OKO Group builds on the formidable expertise of Mr. Doronin— a successful and respected international developer, with a track record of more than 75 million square feet of world-class commercial, retail and luxury residential space over a total of 71 buildings.

OKO Group brings not only considerable financial strength to the U.

S. market, but also a passion for working with the very best architects and designers in the world. OKO Group’s current U.S. portfolio includes prime properties and development projects in Miami and New York City. As owner and Chairman of Aman, one of the most admired hospitality brands in the world, Mr. Doronin’s global business portfolio spans across Europe, Asia and the U.S.